Spice Up Your Paintball Game with Cool Paintball Jerseys

If you are a fan of the paintball game, you are probably wondering what to wear while in action. Even the seasoned paintball player is constantly searching for the right gear and attire to provide them with the necessary protection and comfort. Cool paintball jerseys will not only keep you safe, but also make your experience enjoyable: https://paintimpact.com/what-to-wear-paintballing/

Cheap Paintball Jerseys

Cheap cool paintball jerseys is a great idea, especially when on a tight budget given the fact that you are likely to get splattered with the pain regardless of the gear you have on. Besides, why splurge on a high priced custom jersey with a design and logo yet you will still get decorated with paint during the game?

Buying cheap but cool paintball jerseys is equally a great option for teams running on a budget but still care about enjoying the game. In fact, it is easy to think of the cheap paintball jerseys as more fashionable than the high priced ones.

Expensive jerseys are known to turn players into walking billboards for those who are status conscious. Affordable cool paintball jerseys sport solid colors such as black with minimum designs. Generally speaking, the less you spend for the jerseys, the less the designs on the jersey will be. Spend the money on a solid gun instead, like the tippmann x7 phenom review.

If you are cautious about the practicality of the jerseys, go for ones designed to cover as much skin as possible. In such situations, the long sleeve jerseys are better than the short sleeves. These jerseys are designed to keep your arms safe from paintball impact and scratches that may occur while sliding, or brushing up against hard surfaces.

Low priced paintball jerseys lack padding. It is therefore advisable to always have a long sleeve Johns under the jersey to provide additional protection. If you have a few more dollars to spare, spend on chest protection instead of relying on the long Johns. Seasoned players usually recommend invest in cool paintball jerseys that are of a bigger size to allow wearing an extra layer of clothing beneath it.