Looking for a Hustle Free Toilet- Composting Toilets

A composting toilet is a dry toilet that uses natural ways of human fecal decomposition. It takes advantage of the suitable environment found in human excretes that facilitate natural decomposition. These factors include moisture, oxygen, and nutrients that are needed to feed the aerobic bacteria that carry out the process of decay.

How Composting Toilets Operate

Since human waste is rich in gut bacteria excreted with fecal matter, then aerobic decomposition is already catered for. These bacteria use the waste as food sources. They degrade them to carbon dioxide and energy given off as heat.

Why Go For Composting Toilets?

This type of toilets is mostly used in places where the local water supply or the sewage treatment plants are not available or suitable. Such places have little or no ways to recover the nutrients found in human waste. Thus, composting toilet reviews are efficient as they can treat human waste to capture the nutrients without undergoing sewage treatment.

Advantages of Composting Toilets

  • Easy to Design

It’s easy to come up with a composting toilet. Complex piping systems used to connect modern toilets to the sewer system are not required. All you need is earth which is free, a little digging and toilet bowls to cover the chamber. Also, the toilet can be indoors or outdoors depending on space availability.

  • Easy To Manage

Since the fecal matter is not enough to allow proper decomposition, additives are usually needed. For this type of toilets, cheap additives like sawdust, bark chips, wood chips, ash and pieces of paper can be used to increase the bulk to prevent the formation of impermeable layers.

  • Resourceful

Composting toilets operate like the compost garbage. They give compost at the end of the decomposition process. The compost can then be used as organic fertilizer in farms.

  • Little Need for Water

They do not require the flushing mechanisms of flushing toilets. The need for water is minimal should they need it in the effort of ensuring that there is enough moisture. This saves on water bills.

  • Environmental Friendly

Composting toilets provide minimal risk to the ground waters and the environment. Since bacteria degrade the waste to useful products toxic substances are rare. Also, the lack of water minimizes the leakage of nutrients to the groundwater is minimized and thus, they are environmental friendly. The Ultimate elongated in depth review might be a great option for you.

  • They do not Require Connection to The Sewage Treatment Plants.

Since these toilets use the natural process of decomposition, they do not need to be connected to the local sewage system. The bacteria digest the waste materials aerobically to sludge just like in wastewater treatment. The lack of water eliminates the need to treat and recover the used water.

How to Manage and Prevent Bad Odors with Composting Toilets

Bad odors are a major problem with toilets. However with these toilets, it’s easy to prevent the occurrence of bad odors. With proper distribution of moisture and oxygen to the waste material, the problem can easily be handled. Mixing the waste with fans or mechanical sparging are some of the ways of aerating the system. Proper aeration eradicates the incomplete decomposition of matter leading to the production of bad odors.

Cheap additives that help to increase the bulk and make the material less compact is recommended to prevent the formation of bad odors. The Less dense material allows for free air movement and thus facilitating aeration.

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